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Interstate Sound Supports Local Benefit for New Bandshell at Riverside Park

It all started with a call from Andy Temte of The Remainders. He wanted to support a festival style concert to raise money in support renovations of the bandshell at Riverside Park in La Crosse. The event was to be held at the Cavalier, a venue with good sight lines but not a huge inventory of lighting and audio support for the bands. There were several bands that wanted to participate and Andy wanted to go big on the production value to draw people in. Now if only they had some creative people to help...

In steps Interstate Sound.

The site survey being the first step, it was found that the venue did not have the rigging capacity to put a substantial lighting rig in the air and limited power was also a concern. Fortunately Dana and Rox have experience designing around limited weight capacities.

The production design featured a truss structure with 45 degree angle pieces that created an arched look while still providing enough support for the weight of the lighting rig. The lighting consisted of 7 High End Shapeshifter C1's and 7 Platinum Spot 15R's for the main rig. A Blizzard Lighting Puck Fab 5 were placed at each truss leg for color on the structure. And of course, it wouldn't be a Remaiders gig without video. Three Vizio 70" TV's were suspended via pipe taildowns at angles for fun, dynamic look.

Front light was a challenge as the pipes available in the house were difficult to get to and had limited power. Luckily, the venue had AP's (anti pro) pipes available with power near by. 2 Martin Mac 300's were used on each side for front light. They worked surprisingly well in those positions in that they created a nice quality of light that worked well with cameras and provided enough coverage with out blinding the performers despite a low position height.

The house had good quality PA but didn't have a lot as far as band support. Interstate provided a Yamaha QL5 was used as front of house console and a new QL1 as the monitor console. This was a great combo and worked well within the limited space available for production. IS also provided Yamaha CM-15 for audio monitors. Also included was a festival mic and mic stand package.

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